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Residential & Commercial

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service in Utah

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We offer a variety of maintenance and cleaning services for commercial and residential swimming pools.

You can rely on us for quality service at reasonable rates. We are a licensed & insured pool service company.

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Equipment Installation &
Repairs (New & Remodel)

Chemical Feed and Salt
Water Systems

Pool Tile Cleaning &
Acid Washing


Randell’s Pool Service is the only pool service we have used since installing our pool in 2006. Over the years we have found their fees to be very fair and competitive. They have kept our pool environment in great shape, and when repairs are needed they respond very quickly to repair the issue(s) at a very fair price—something we have always appreciated. Since we are away from our house occasionally, we depend upon Randell Pools to notice and repair any issues while we are gone. Indeed, this winter, during a period when we were away from our house, the PCV pipe leading to the pool cracked during a hard freeze and began flooding the back yard by the pool. It was our good fortune that Randell’s Pool Service was at our home shortly thereafter(to service the pool), and they quickly noticed the issue, shut off the flow of water to the pool, and repaired the break in a timely manner. It is always great to be free of concern and know that our pool will be serviced and repaired efficiently.
Randell’s Pool Service is very professional and trustworthy. They are always available and willing to work to keep our pool running efficiently and effectively. Indeed they have always met our scheduled and unscheduled service and maintenance needs during the thirteen years we have used their service.
Because of the above, we would recommend using Randell’s Pool Service for your pool maintenance needs.

— Sincerely, John and Sydney Correia Hurricane, Utah