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Residential & Commercial Pool Services In St. George Utah and Surrounding Areas

Service Schedules

Randell’s Pool Service is available for service appointments during regular business hours and by other requested times on a case by case basis. If you’re having a problem with your pool and need a professional opinion or your pool needs a good cleaning, but you don’t have the time, give Randell’s Pool Service a call and set up a service time. Our friendly staff can fit you in promptly and always arrives on time.

Equipment Installation & Repairs (New & Remodel)

Randell’s Pool Service installs and repairs all pool equipment, new and remodeled. We sell pool cleaners that will assist in keeping your pool crystal clear. We also install and repair filters, heaters, pumps, chemical feed system, valves, and lighting. Get your pool repaired and back in working order with us.

Chemical Feed & Salt Water Systems

Chemical feed systems automatically dispense the proper amount of chemicals for water sanitization. Randell’s Pool Service installs and replaces automated chemical feed systems for pools and spas. Salt water systems are dynamic and changing all the time, we are knowledgeable and proficient with salt systems.

Pool Tile Cleaning & Acid Washing

Randell’s Pool Services knows that tile and stone looks great in a pool area, but not when it gets dirty. We remove calcium scum with our tile washing service. Acid washing restores the beauty of your plaster and improves the quality of the water. The water must be drained out of your pool and the sides scrubbed with a brush. Randell’s Pool Service rinses the pool once more with clear water and refills your pool, freshly cleaned.